Friday, June 19, 2009

Hey there! Well, its another rainy day and me and the boys are stuck inside!!!! Guess its a good day to clean! YUK!!! Been pretty busy with baseball games. My oldest who is 14 pitched 84 pitches yesterday against a championship team and struck them out 16 times!!!!! I was so extremely proud of him!!!! Of course I got the blunt of it last night with the complaining about how bad his elbow hurt and icing him down!! What are moms for. My youngest is 4 and completely idolizes his brother. So not only did i have to tape my oldest up in ice, i also had to do it for my 4 year old. LOL. I have no idea what i'd do without these two kids.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hi there! Its a beautiful Sunday here in Ohio! Just wanted to tell you a little bit about myself! I live here in Massillon, Ohio where they pretty much sleep, eat and breath football! I'm a single mother of 2 wonderful boys, ages 4 and 14. They are absolutely the highlight of my life. Without them, i often wonder if i would ever smile! I have a wonderful boyfriend of 14 years! Just cant seem to make that plunge of the marraige thing! lol. I figure why mess with a good thing, right? I started doing crafts at a pretty young age with my mom. She does absolutely wonderful work! I've watched her decorate our home growing up in the most beautiful handmades. She's truly been a complete inspiration to me. Both of my parents have been. My dad just recently underwent a successfull kidney transplant, thanks to my younger sister that was able to give him one of hers!!!! What a blessing. Both are doing great!!!! I also have an older brother that I absolutely adore and think the world of! He's always been my idle and love him dearly! I come from a wonderful and very close family, crazy but close!

I enjoy mostly doing the primitive crafts, mainly because i absolutly loved going through my grandparents old things when i was visiting. Items back then just seemed so meaningful and sentimental. Back when life was worrying about getting the laundry, dishes and dinner done before the husband come home from a long days work. Or piling all the kids in the car to get them a new pair of school shoes. Just seemed like life was so much more simple back then. Now its so complicated and scary. So for me, thinking back and trying to create things that i remember seeing in my granparents house, just puts me back and relaxes me. Just the look of the whole primitive setting is calm to me.

So thats basically what i'm all about. I hope that you enjoy my blog and come visit me often. And dont forget to stop by my shop at: I'll be posting things daily or weekly.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

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